Don’t Flip Out!

It’s still raining in Scottsdale. The run at Granada Park was cancelled, and it was too wet to bike outdoors.

Brett, Shelly and I met up at Lifetime Fitness and we made a brief recording of our flip turns (although Brett wimped out). Angela was to come, but she had a date! Go Angela!!

You can see how Shelly’s flip rocks the camera, complete with sound-effects (with zero sound enhancements). After the short mile-long swim, I went to spin class with Joel. The class was almost full and he kicked my you-know-what.

January is almost done. It is now less than 50 days to my half-ironman in San Juan. While my focus is still on Ragnar Del Sol (less than a month away), the half-ironman will be my first tough test. I must remember Bill’s words, “All long races are a math problem!”

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