Run, Swim and Van Rental for Ragnar Del Sol

Rudy Project Rydon Sunglasses

I wanted to run outside, but forgot my prescription sunglasses (Rudy Project of course). Without them, I can barely read. I have to set my Garmin to just display my heartrate (in which case, I have no idea about distance, speed or time). Hence, I ran on the treadmill (in the gym at my office complex). It was a hard run for an hour (35 minutes at level 3). I was pretty exhausted at the end, but felt good.

In the evening, I went for a 2,000 meter swim at Lifetime Fitness (a relatively hard swim). Shelly was to come, but she didn’t want to be late to her date (woohoo)!

Earlier in the day, Brett txt’d met to confirm that we officially have vans rented for Ragnar (thanks to Maxie). We have 2 15-seater vans from Enterprise Rent-a-car. Perfect!

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