Heart Rate Belts Suck

Why is it that there are no good heart rate monitors out there? The belt very uncomfortable around one’s chest and it doesn’t even report accurate data! Every heart rate monitor belt I have worn malfunctions at some point or another. Either it reports wild fluctuations in heart rate at the beginning of the workout, or throughout the workout or at the end of the workout. For no apparent reason, sometimes it work perfectly. Well, the discomfort of having the belt around one’s chest remains, but at least (sometimes) the data is accurate. Garmin, are you listening??

Today, I went for a spin class at Lifetime Fitness, and here is my workout session. Notice my heart rate. If that were my actual fluctuations, I’d be dead.

I’m also feeling this nagging sensation on my lower left back (just above and outside my left hip). I’m not sure what it is, but I hope it is gone by tomorrow…

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