Lower back pain is worse

That little twitch I felt yesterday in my lower back (left side) is somewhat amplified today. I was supposed to do a level 2 run for an hour and forty-five minutes. Instead, I ran on the treadmill for 50 minutes (which is actually more than I expected I would last). This was followed by a quick dip in the hottub at Lifetime Fitness. The back actually feels about the same as I write this (after eating a steak and some unhealthy food with clients tonight). I have a 4-hour bike ride scheduled tomorrow. Not likely…

The client meeting was about REON (an app we have developed and is available for FREE on the AppStore). It remembers when and where you met someone (just in case you don’t remember because you are inebriated) Check it out; it will change your perspective on how you view your contacts. Note: it is also available for the Android platform.

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