Superbowl? What is that?

I guess people still watch the superbowl. I’m sure that the watercooler talk tomorrow will be centered around the half-time show and the commercials. I opted out of watching that primitive sport and went for a swim. Note: in days gone by, I was a Cleveland Browns fan (back in Bernie Kosar, Webster Slaughter, Ernest Byner, Frank Minnifield days).

Lifetime Fitness – EMPTY

I have never seen Lifetime Fitness so empty! Take a look at the picture; not a soul in sight!

My back is still not back to normal; so I swam 1,000 meters straight (in an almost empty pool) followed by about 15 minutes in the hot-tub to nurse my back.

In the morning (around 11AM), Kristi came over and we went for a 30-miler. It was a pretty slow and flat ride; comfortable pace with all kinds of traffic lights. This was followed by a quick brunch at The Herb Box. I’m glad that I have taken it easy over the past few days even if this is supposed to be base-3 week. I’d rather not get injured.

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