Angela, get well soon

We found out today that Angela had a stroke and is at the Mayo Clinic. We are not sure how she is doing and will go visit her as soon as we are allowed. I am not a religious person, but at times like this, all I can do is pray and hope that I am wrong about the whole God debate. I want her to get back to normal soon. She told me last week that she signed up for the Cozumel Ironman.

We were at Gordon Biersch for a Ragnar meeting when we found out about Angela. The mood turned from jovial to somber in a heartbeat. We want to know more about how, when, what, recovery time, how much has it affected her, etc. etc. We wait and pray…

As for my workout today (which seems trivial to write about), I swam about 2,000 meters at Lifetime Fitness.

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