Feisty Angela

This morning, a few of us (Brett, Caty, Josh, me) visited Angela at Mayo Clinic. It was refreshing to see the same old feisty Angela spirit in her, but her speech and memory seem just a bit slow. Apparently, it is temporary and will come back with some speech therapy. They expect to discharge her by Monday. I’m sure I will see her again soon. I’m just glad that she is okay.

From the hospital, I went to Lifetime Fitness for an easy 30-minute run followed by an easy 1,000 meter swim. Shelly showed up (late as usual :)); I was just about finished when she came, hence we sat in the hot-tub for 5-10 minutes.

Our Ragnar team has a couple of holes. Angela is out and Bridget is taking her place (thank you Bridget). Theresa may be out too, and we do not have a replacement for her (if she drops). We still have almost two weeks to smooth things over.

In a few minutes, we are off to pick up Chinese food from Flo’s and then to Don and Debbie’s house for dinner.

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