Snow in Scottsdale | New Kenya Run Logo

Snow on the McDowell Mountains

WTF. There’s snow on the hills of Scottsdale. We are accustomed to nice balmy weather pretty much year-round. Cold and snow are not welcome (yet they show up every year).

Our Ragnar team is going through some changes. Angela has to drop out after her stroke; she may be going home today or tomorrow. They have found the cause and are waiting for a full diagnosis. Theresa also has to drop out because of personal reasons. Bridget has stepped in for Angela but we are still searching for a replacement for Theresa…

Ragnar Relay Kenya Run Logo (refined)

Our Ragnar Del Sol Kenya Run logo has gone through some refinements. The print process can’t print fine details like gradients; hence we had to “flatten” some of the colors. Here is the new logo.

The Ragnar vans and order of runners are pretty much all set except for a couple of people.

Van 1 (order subject to change)

  1. Jamie
  2. Caty
  3. Arturo
  4. Brett
  5. Bridget (replacing Angela)
  6. Joshua

Van 2 (order subject to change)

  1. TBD (replacing Theresa)
  2. Shelly
  3. Sar
  4. G
  5. Chris
  6. Brittni

As for my workout today, I swam 2,800 meters with Shelly. It was a pretty tough workout, and I am just a bit sore as I write this. Tomorrow is bike-day and Wednesday is run-day. It is a pretty tough base 3 workout week for me.

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