Kimberly, Welcome to Team Kenya Run

I hope that Kimberly is the newest addition to our Ragnar team. I met her at spin class today and asked her if she would be interested. Totally cool she is. Fit right in she will! I hope she joins the team. From our conversation, I get the feeling that she is REALLY fast. I sure hope so, ‘cuz I’d love to train with a fast runner. I’d love for someone to give me some pointers on my stride, interval training, and how I can use my glutes while I run!

I went to spin class early today and did my 90 minutes by starting 30 minutes before the class started. Babette made us do “Aeriobic Endurance.” Tough, but good training; and I gave it a pretty good effort (as you can see from my Garmin data).

Thank god Angela is doing better. Brett emailed that she actually went for a swim. I’m so glad…

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