Long run, crazy sight and Ragnar captain’s meeting

It has finally warmed back up in Scottsdale. It was a gorgeous sunny day with perfect temperatures for running. I started my long 2-hour run at around 3:45PM. I ran on streets around my office and felt pretty good throughout the run. In the middle of the run, just East of 96th on Shea Blvd is an underpass. It looks like a water drainage area, but the running path goes through it. As I was running, I came across a middle-aged couple fornicating!! In broad daylight. And their pinkish dog (looked like a pit-bull) was tied close-by. They were pretty embarrassed, and so was I. I kept on running as if I had seen nothing abnormal, although I shook my head and whispered under my breath, “get a room!”

Brett is officially our Ragnar captain, but he has a crazy travel schedule. In his stead, I went to the Ragnar captain’s meeting in Tempe. I didn’t really learn anything new, but it was good to attend for a rules refresher.

Tomorrow is Valentine’s day. I have ordered flowers to be delivered at Binita’s office (hopefully she won’t ready this until tomorrow evening). She was out late last night to the Whoopie Babes’ place, so I’m quite sure she will be asleep soon. We will do date night this weekend.

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