More Ragnar team drama

Barb is the newest addition to our Ragnar team. Kimberly is still undecided. Arturo just called me to drop out because of a knee injury. So…as of now, we have 10 (5 guys and 5 girls) confirmed and 1 (girl) tentative. This means we are short by 1 guy runner who needs to do the longest leg. The saga continues…but I am confident we will find a solution in the next day or two.

My swim workout today was a bunch of sprints mixed in with kicks and pulls for a total of 2,300 meters. Kimberly was to show up but she went out drinking (gotta love that); but Shelly did show (albeit fashionably late).

Tomorrow, we go and see Angela for lunch. She and I txt’d today and she’s doing better. She was talking about going to spin class…

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