Kimberley is out :( but Emma is in :)

The Kenya Run Ragnar team musical chairs continue. Unfortunately, Kimberly is out because of some guilt trip (or was it a ski trip)? However, Kimberly rocks! She introduced us to Emma who is in. She will be runner number 7 in van number 2 (the cool van). I also met Colleen (also Kimberly’s friend and roommate), who looks like none other than my ultimate idol >> Chrissie Wellington. Next time I see Colleen, I will take her picture and put it side-by-side with Chrissie’s pic.

Emma, if you are reading this; welcome to Kenya Run. We are going to ROCK it (although we will definitely not come 3rd). And best of luck on your half marathon on Sunday.

We are still short a runner in van 1. We are hoping that Kimberly’s friend Andres works out!

My workout today was a pretty easy hour-long bike ride with Shelly. We rode through some random roads north and west of Desert Ridge Marketplace. This was followed by a quick shower and then happy hour at Gordon Biersch (where I met Emma and Colleen for the first time). A bunch of folks showed up and someone I don’t even know picked up my tab. Pay it forward; it’s a good way to live life!

Happy hour was followed by a quick trip to DNA Cycles. Kimberly is hilarious. She makes friends easily and her casual demeanor is quite endearing. She tells it like it is and is not afraid of laughing at herself; gotta love that about her!

Binita and I met up with Mike and Erika for dinner at Mia Francesca in DC Ranch. I had the usual penne pasta with sausage. Yumm. As I write this, I am stuffed. I better get to bed soon as tomorrow is a tough interval run at Granada (fortunately it is at 9:30AM).

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