Run, dogs, family, friends…LIFE IS GOOD

A bunch of us met up at Granada park this morning to run. It was interval training day for me. After a 10-minute warm-up, I did 4 long intervals of 7-minutes at level 3 and then 3 minutes at level 1 before a 10-minute cool-down. By the 4th interval, I was dying to keep a 7-minute pace. It was a pretty warm day in AZ. I did a total of about 7.5 miles in an hour.

Shelly didn’t show as she was down in Chandler with her new beau (she doesn’t like to run anyway); and my new-found friend Kimberly didn’t show either as she needed her beauty sleep. Brett and Ali brought their dogs and we went to LGO after running. I had chocolate milk and some granola with fruit. Pretty healthy, eh?

In the afternoon, Will pinged me as he was going down to run the skirt-chaser 5k in Tempe. I couldn’t go on short notice as I wanted to hang with the dogs. I expected to see his name on the leader-board, but he was merely jogging with a buddy. Somehow, I don’t picture Will as a skirt-chasing kinda guy!

I love living where I live. We have gorgeous parks all around us. I took the dogs for a walk today and sat in the grass in front of the lake. The dogs were happy, I was happy. There were about half-a-dozen wigeons basking in the sun (they jumped in the lake once they saw Missy). I sat there for a good 30 minutes doing nothing but just gazing at the water and the serene scene. Nobody was around. A few Gila Woodpeckers were flitting about; and occasionally you could hear the roar of a distant plane buzzing by. Binita was napping at home after a long week. She was on call almost all week. I had a stimulating txt conversation with Kimberly before walking the dogs. I spoke to Naman in the morning; he is coming to town next weekend. Life is good. If I were religious, I’d think that “I am blessed.” Maybe I am…

I had a scrumptious hamburger with bacon tonight at Zin Burger (IMHO the best burger joint in town) with a large vanilla milkshake. Yumm! We went out with Rahul-Janki. We always have interesting conversations about relationships.

Less than a week to Ragnar. I can’t wait…

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