Longest ride of 2013 | Mangy no more

A bunch of folks dropped out from today’s bike ride for various reasons. Kimberly had an art auction, Shelly was tired from her weekend with her beau, Kristen was out of town, a bunch of folks were riding with the TnT team, etc. etc. In the end, it was 6 of us. I had to do a 4-hour or 56-mile ride (whichever came first). We went North taking Bell to Hayden to Happy Valley to Pima through Legend Trail up to Cave Creek Rd. A few folks turned back, but 3 of us (Brett, Kristi, me) went up to the towers. On my way back, I split up and went solo up Dynamite. Both are pretty brutal hills (I’m told that they build character – ha)! In the end, I did 60 miles in 4 hours. Needless to say, I’m a bit sore as I write this.

I had this grandiose plan of swimming a bit this afternoon (just an excuse to sit in the hottub). It all fizzled when I fell asleep after eating some egg-and-cheese sandwiches at around 3PM. Laziness triumphed. When I awoke, I gave Simi and Missy a bath (which is almost as strenuous as swimming a mile). As I write this, my whole house smells like wet dog with oatmeal and some mysterious fruit flavor, and the dogs are no longer mangy pups! See before-after pics (although the before picture doesn’t do justice to how mangy they actually were).

Before and after bath

5 days to Ragnar. We are still one person short, but we have a few prospects.

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