Is our Ragnar team jinxed?

We did get one piece of good news this morning for our Ragnar team. JoElle has joined the team and she is doing the long 23.3 miler. We are all set with our team. Er….not really!

Unfortunately, Emma is having IT band issues and has dropped out of our Ragnar team. I feel bad for her as she wants to do the Phoenix Marathon on March 2. I hope she recovers and does well. Emma’s dropping out leaves our team with 11 people on it and we are desperately looking. We are striking out everywhere we look! Some of us may have to suck it up and do extra legs. Is our Ragnar team jinxed? Nope. I’m still hoping that a solution will present itself soon.

I went spinning today and was next to Kimberly in class. The more I get to know her, the more I like her. I’ll refraining from complimenting her too much as she may read this blog and it may inflate her head a bit. I know it would inflate mine! I also ran into Erika at the gym. I love her hand gestures when she talks. It’s very Italian!

Anyway, the spin class was a pretty routine Babette class. Lots of loud music, lots of sweat and lots of calories burnt. Binita had girls’ night out so I hung out with the puppies this evening. After the bath I gave them on Sunday, they still smell like roses (actually, they smell like Oatmeal and some flowery smell that I can’t really place).

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