Ragnar, Snow, Pippa and Tory Burch

I hope as heck I am not jinxing it, but our Ragnar team is now SOLID. Thanks to JoEllen’s mom Lori, van 2 also has 6 solid runners. Whew…

I had never heard of Tory Burch before last week. Rahul thinks that he is Mr. HotShot investor and does endless research on stock. He was looking at Coach stock and came across Tory Burch while studying Coach’s competition. He brought up her name at lunch last week to blank stares from a bunch of us (for the record, Binita didn’t know who she was either). Since then, I have heard Tory Burch a lot. When we went out for dinner to Zin Burger (the best burger in town), we ran into our friends Ami and Mo. Tory Burch was a hot topic. Kelly, who works for Parsus (my company) was wearing Tory Burch slippers yesterday. And finally, my new-found friend Kimberly is organizing a Tory Burch fund-raiser at DC Ranch Country Club tomorrow (my fingers are crossed as I type this). So now I know. Tory Burch is trendy. Tory Burch is hip. Tory Burch is cool. Tory Burch is expensive. Tory Burch is a status symbol. Tory Burch does fund raisers for women and children. Okay then!

My car Pippa

It snowed in Scottsdale today. Take a look at my car (aka Pippa for her beautiful white butt) this afternoon. Poor Pippa was freezing. What you see on her is freezing rain. You could hear the crunch of the freezing rain as you walked today. We are not used to this kind of weather around here. I’m just thankful that it snowed today and not on Ragnar days (Friday-Saturday).

Oh, this is a blog about my Ironman workouts. I had this grandiose plan of running outdoors for an hour today. That fizzled because of all the cold and wet. Instead, I ran on the treadmill for an hour (about 7.5 miles). Maury joined me 24 minutes into the run. Vade (her trainer) came over and said hello. After the run, Maury bought me a shake from the cafe (something with chocolate protein and peanut butter. Yummy)! I ran into Shelly just as she was leaving the gym after her swim.

Snow on McDowell Mountains

There was even snow on the McDowell Mountains. They looked quite majestic and it was quite thrilling to see them today. I saw a bunch of folks in the parking lot taking pictures of the snow. It is quite a novelty here in town!

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