Ragnar Del Sol 2013 – Day 1

I am going to do a quick post about my day 1. A detailed report with a bunch of pictures will follow next week.

The day started at around 9:30AM. As expected, Shelly was a bit late in showing up, but the others were on time. I met Lori, her husband Jasson and Sar for the first time. Sar is our ultra runner and backup for any mishaps that may happen. All in all, everyone seems to get along just fine.

Ragnar Del Sol 2013 Safety Briefing

As the day progressed, we opened up to our own personalities. I’ll describe my day-1 impressions (without judgment) in van seating order. There is something calming about Jasson. He is quiet and confident. I’m glad he is driving. Lori is our navigator and is very organized. She is easy to talk to and has a lovely dimples when she smiles. I’m so glad that we have Jasson and Lori in our van. It will keep us centered. They usually sit up front.

Ragnar Del Sol 2013 – Shelly, Brittni decorating van

The next row is occupied by Brittni and Chris. Brittni is quiet. She seems a bit concerned about her legs, but I’m certain that she will do well. Chris is our observer and analyzer. He puts in zingers once in a while, but is mostly involved in conversations from an intellectual and analytical point of view. I hope that before the end of the 2 days, he reads from his WTF book! I think he brought it with him.

I occupy the row right behind Chris.

In the back row are Shelly and Sar. Shelly has already told us about her multiple balls she juggles (her current beau, her ex, etc. etc.). I can barely keep up! Sar is obviously the jokester in the van. His jokes are full of sexual innuendo. Since we will spend 30+ hours together, we need a jokester. I just hope that his jokes don’t get old!

Our Names on Ragnar Del Sol 2013 Van 2

My first leg is complete. It was supposed to be 6.8 miles but measured 6.95 on my Garmin. I did run a few extra yards as I almost missed my turn. I ran just a bit faster than I wanted to. My next leg will be at around 4AM tomorrow morning.

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