Ragnar Del Sol – Day 2

Jasson, Lori, G, Chris, Shelly, Brittni, Sar (Van 2)

After barely sleeping at Shelly’s place last night, we were off to Anthem to resume our leg by 1AM. At least we all were able to take a shower and feel somewhat fresh!

Caty, Brett, Shelly, G (somewhere on the west side)

By the time it was my turn to run, it was around 4AM. It was cold. It was 39 degrees with 8MPH winds. It was dark. I had my sunglasses on because those are the only prescription sports glasses I own. As I started running, the condensation from my breath fogged up my already dark glasses. It made for an interesting run, but I was able to maintain a 7:30 pace for the entire 4+ slightly uphill miles.

G, Shelly

By the second day, everyone in the van had become friends. We gelled well together. There were no harsh words, no hard feelings, very little irritation (albeit I was a bit annoyed at a few things). Our conversations ranged from relationships to travel to fitness to sex (of course, Sar was usually the centerpiece of sexual conversations). I especially became quite fond of Lori and Jasson. Together, they made me feel tranquil and calm. I can see how they are boot-camp instructors. I’m sure they drive their students firmly yet quietly. I hope we do another race together. If I end up doing the Mountain-man tri in Flagstaff, I’ll be sure to ping them!

After we were finished with the second leg, we had a scrumptious breakfast at The Good Egg and then ended up at my place. Chris, Sar and Shelly fell asleep on the couch in the living room. Lori, Jasson and I sat around the kitchen table and talked for a bit. I eventually took a quick nap in the study before it was time to head out to Fountain Hills.

Sar, Shelly, G

The third leg was done on tired bodies and legs. I actually had a gorgeous route going through the Scottsdale metro-park system, next to McCormick Ranch Golf Course and ending up at Sole Sports. I hit 2 red lights, but my moving time average was pretty solid.

At the finish, we all donned Kenya Run t-shirts and finished together. We didn’t hang around too long after the finish. I wanted to go home and take a hot shower and go to bed.

Naman has been in town for a couple of days and I have hardly seen him. Binita made plans to go out to dinner with the Whoopie Babes. We did go out to a really nice Italian place called Davanti Enoteca. Naman and I ended up leaving a bit early because he is tired (and so am I).

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