Sleep late, focus on Trocket

After barely sleeping on Saturday night, I slept like a log last night. It was 12 solid hours or sleep, but I have still to catch up on some more sleep. I returned the van around noon, came back home and took another nap.

I had this grandiose idea of going out for a bike-ride, but that fizzled as the wind picked up. Instead, I did get on my trainer for a relative hard 40 minutes to loosen my legs. The last 15 minutes were pretty hard on my thighs and calves.

Now the focus shifts to Puerto Rico. I have a hard week of training next week and then I taper off before my Half Ironman. I am already nervous about my biking abilities. I’m quite uncomfortable on my tri bike (aka Trocket). From now through race day, I plan on only using my tri bike for rides.

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