Annoyed and absent-minded

All my friends know that I am absent-minded. I forget my credit card at least once a month at some restaurant or another. I forget my car keys when I walk out of the office. I forget to wear my helmet while biking only to realize it a few minutes into the ride. I forget my laptop at home when I go to work, only to have to return. I forget my heart-belt or my Garmin routinely. I have even forgotten my running shoes while driving somewhere to go for a run!

Today, I went for a swim at Lifetime Fitness only to realize after I partially undressed in the locker room that I forgot my swimsuit. Aaaargh! I was annoyed at myself. Fortunately, I was scheduled to swim alone; hence I didn’t stand anyone up. Shelly is still sore from Ragnar. Colleen is nursing a sore throat. Kimberly is off skiing somewhere in Utah.

I drove back home and got on my trainer for a bit more than an hour. I took out my frustrations on my bike and rode pretty hard (9 x 5-minute intervals). Maybe going so hard was a mistake as I am spinning tomorrow at the gym! I guess I’ll find out tomorrow…

19 days to Puerto Rico. The butterflies in my stomach are starting to multiply!

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