Babette and spin

A lot of folks in spin class did Ragnar. Before class started, we reminisced about it and compared our experiences. Babette (our spin instructor) was on one of the faster teams; they finished 18th overall. I think we finished 18th from the bottom!

Spin today was pretty routine. Lots of sweat, lots of loud music and two tired legs at the end. Kimberly joined in the sweat-party!

I have decided that I will be riding my road bike (Therapy) with clip-on tri bars for the Half Ironman. I’m just not comfortable on Trocket (not to mention the blisters on my butt). On Friday, Bill Wilson will fit my road bike with Vision 230mm tri-bars and I will be all set. I’m not sure what’s in store for Trocket yet!

Amit’s flight to was cancelled today because of a snow storm in Chicago. I’ll drop him off to the airport tomorrow afternoon before my scheduled 2-hour run. I hope Kimberly joins me for the first hour; I enjoy talking to her (and she is much faster than me).

Here’s a Ragnar Team pic that Brittni sent us recently. We are a handsome team!

Team Kenya Run – Ragnar 2013

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