Two people running as one

New bike shoes

I totally forgot to mention yesterday that I bought new bike (tri) shoes. They seem just a bit tight, but should loosen up a bit with a few rides. My old tri shoes are all worn out and falling apart. I’ve had them for almost 3 years (and they are the only bike shoes I owned until now).

I ran with Kimberly for a bit more than an hour through the desert behind Lifetime Fitness today. It was a gorgeous cool evening with the sun setting. It was my most enjoyable run ever. I have finally found a running partner who I can comfortably talk to about (almost) anything. There is something calm and soothing about talking life as you run. Time and distance go by easy. I was running with her, yet I felt the solitude of running. I was talking to her, yet I felt like I was talking to myself. It was like the two of us were running as one. It’s nice to have friends with whom you can share thoughts, feelings, beliefs and experiences without judgment. Before we knew it, we had run more than 7.5 miles.

As the sun set, we returned to my car, had a stinger waffle (each), and I finished my remaining 2-hour run on the treadmill. I have tired legs as I write this.

Tomorrow is Missy’s 10th birthday. At 10, she is such a puppy!

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