Ironman NZ result | HH at Skep

Will took a 4-minute penalty, yet finished Ironman NZ in 10:31. Amazing! His swim was an incredible 1:09, bike was 5:25 and run was 3:51 with about 10 minutes in total transitions. He is in the most competitive age-group (35-39), yet came in 15th. Again, amazing!

A bunch of us got together for happy-hour at Skeptical Chymist for Chris’ birthday (which is actually on Sunday). Binita came too! We split up around 9PM and Jennifer came over for a drink. We were up late (midnight) yapping about life. I’m glad Binita has a fast friendship with the Whoopie Babes. It makes her happy hanging with them (which in turn makes me happy).

Earlier in the day, I went to Bill (Camelback Coaching) and fit my bike with Vision aerobars and J-bar extensions. I feel quite comfortable on these now. I plan to ride my Argon 18 (aka Therapy) for the Puerto Rico Half Ironman. 15 days to go!

As for my workout, I did an easy mile-long swim at Lifetime Fitness.

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