Phoenix Marathon, Desert Run, Easy Swim

I was up early this morning. I had to be down at the Las Sendas community down in Mesa by 6AM because I had signed up with Destination Kona to volunteer at a water station (mile 5) for the Phoenix Marathon. I was about 5 minutes late in getting there; and helped setup the water station. Less than 30 minutes after the race started, we saw the leaders come through. They were fast (doing around 5:30 pace). Soon after they passed, the rush of runners started. I was passing out water and Powerade. It was pretty chaotic with hundreds of runners coming through. Most runners were nice saying words of appreciation to us, but some where probably having a bad day!

Phoenix Marathon Water Station at Mile 5

With all the races I have done over the past couple of years, it’s good to get a perspective of what the volunteers go through, and give back. It was a good feeling. After all the runners were gone, we cleaned up by picking up all the trash and were done by 9AM!

In the afternoon, Kimberly and I went running through the desert behind Lifetime Fitness for about an hour. I love talking to her while running. Today, we talked about religion and work. We don’t agree with our beliefs about religion and god, but neither has absolute answers. I respect her beliefs and I hope that she does mine. At 26, she is pretty mature, and is much faster than me and has to slow down to my pace. I tell everyone that I have a friend who has done a 5k in 18 minutes! She had plans on going to a preseason Cubs baseball game with Colleen and friends; I ended up swimming for about half-an-hour after the run.

I forgot to mention yesterday that I am returning the new Pearl iZuMi shoes because one of the bolts that the cleat screws in broke. I’m disappointed, but bought new SiDi shoes. Apparently they are handmade in Italy and are of top-notch quality!

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