Kimberly’s first ride (and crash) | Yoga

The day started early today. I packed up both Trocket and Therapy in the Subaru along with a bunch of bike gear and headed out to pick up Kimberly. We were scheduled to drive all the way down to Ahwatukee to meet with team K-Lar. We got there a bit early so Kim could get used to clipping in and out and change gears. In retrospect, maybe I should have given her Therapy to ride as it is easier to handle than Trocket.

Kimberly on Trocket

After adjusting her saddle and a quick lesson, off we went for a 27-mile ride via Chandler Blvd on to Pecos. There were about a dozen of us. Angela showed up too. She is doing well after her stroke and this was her first bike-ride out.

Kimberly’s pedal-stroke is pretty smooth, but I could see that she was having some trouble with gears and balance. She was fine on uphills, but going down at speeds of about 30MPH is unnerving for any newcomer.

Kimberly nursing her bruise

On the way back, we were in the middle of the pack when suddenly Lacey’s front wheel struck a vertical crack and she went down. Kimberly was right behind her and went down also. There was nothing either of them could have done. Lacey took the fall on her left elbow, and Kimberly’s knees were scraped up. Fortunately, there were no broken bones. Surface wounds heal quickly. Kimberly was all smiles and (almost) proud of her battle-scars. Look at her smiling impishly as she is putting some hydrogen peroxide on her wound.

There’s a lesson in there somewhere. I love her spirit and her attitude. It is contagious.

 We went out to Whole Foods for lunch and talked for a while before I dropped Kim off. After I got home, I went for a quick 75-minute ride around DC Ranch. It was a slightly overcast day by then and the temperatures were in the low 70s. Perfect for biking! I saw my first snake of the season (albeit dead).

At 4PM, I went for Yoga (Vinyasa Flow II) at Lifetime Fitness. I haven’t been to Yoga for a long long time and Gwen (the instructor) scolded me. She jokingly calls me “marathon man” because she knows that my hamstrings are super-tight and I can’t even touch my toes! Kim was right next to me at Yoga. She was having some trouble doing any poses that put pressure on her knees, but she’s a trooper. And strong!

The day ended with us watching Argo on pay-per-view. It’s a pretty good movie (7 on a scale of 10), but I was so tired that I napped for about 10 minutes in the middle of the movie!

The Puerto Rico half Ironman inches closer. The butterflies in my stomach are still multiplying…

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