Half Ironman Inches Closer | Kimberly’s wound

Today was the first day in more than a week that Colleen was feeling good enough to swim. Poor girl had a nasty bug that knocked her out pretty hard, but now she’s back. I’m happy that she coached me through a spaced out yet hard 2,000 meters. It was 4 of us (Colleen, me, Kim, Shelly), and we had 4 individual lanes.

After the swim, we sat at the Lifetime Fitness cafe for a bit and had a smoothies and talked about this and that; and then I headed home and had some pizza and dhokla (Google it and you will see this delicious Gujarati dish) made by my mom-in-law.

Kimberly’s wound

Kim’s wound is healing nicely, but she wasn’t comfortable in the hot-tub after the swim. I wasn’t going to put up a picture of her wound, but changed my mind. As you can see, it looked pretty nasty on Sunday after the ride (before she cleaned and nursed it).

Binita has the day off tomorrow (Tuesday). I usually get out of bed a bit late and hang with her on Tuesday mornings before going to work (also a bit late). My body is a bit tired from last week; I look forward to waking up late tomorrow.

There are twelve more days left before the Puerto Rico half Ironman. I have prepared well yet I feel nervous. I have never done a distance this long; my longest so far has been an Olympic triathlon. This one is more than double the distance. I guess I should be nervous…

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