Birding while running & Cliff Swallow nests

This morning, I went out with Kimberly for a longish run through the metroparks near 94th and Shea (by Scottsdale Healthcare). It was a gorgeous morning and it was an exhilarating run. We talked about travel and hobbies this time. I talked to her about my interest in birds, and we stopped briefly so I could show her some Cliff Swallow nests under a bridge. Apparently, these tiny birds winter in S. America and have returned to nest. We also saw a few Coots, Mallards, Canada Geese and Wigeons. I miss my birding days in India. We routinely went to this marshland called Thol to see thousands of Flamingos, Pelicans, Avocets, Gralag Geese, and dozens of other species. I owe my interest in birding to my cousin Manish and my friend Mark from Columbus, Ohio. Someday, I’d love to get back into birding…

We ran about 9.5 miles in about 1:20 at a pace just faster than 8:30 / mile. It was a pretty smooth run followed by some Greek yogurt and chai at Starbucks.

I went to see Lisa at Windhawk in the afternoon. I ended up buying the LaserOne Laser that she uses to work her magic to relieve sore muscles and pain. We’ll see if it helps Binita with her back issues that she has been experiencing of late.

Tomorrow is Women’s Day. I saw this funny graphic that said something like:


FE = Iron
Male = Man

Therefore, I am IronMan.

I forwarded it to Kristen and Kristi for they have both done an IronMan.

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