LaserTouchOne = Magic

Last night, I lasered Binita’s back and shoulders. That LaserTouchOne device is magic. She feels so much better today; I’ll do it again tonight. I’m not exactly sure how it works, but it seems to break down the knots in your muscles and they feel tender. I expect to use it after my Ironman 70.3 in Puerto Rico. I’m certain that I’ll need it.

Colleen is travelling for the next ten days, but she left Kimberly a swim plan for us. Is she nice or is she nice? Other than the 3-5-7 breathing routines, it was a pretty relaxed swim. We did a total of 2,000 meters.

It rained all day today. It has been a colder-than-normal and wetter-than-normal 2013 so far. When I was driving to the gym, it actually hailed (something you don’t see too often in Scottsdale). There was snow on the mountain peaks just North of Carefree.

If it rains again tomorrow, I have this grandiose plan of doing back-to-back spin classes in the morning. I think the forecast calls for rain until around noon tomorrow.

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