Spin | Core | Run

It was cold and rainy again today. Instead of a two-and-a-half hour bike ride, I thought I’d do back-to-back spin classes at Lifetime Fitness starting at 8:15AM. It was a good plan, but it wasn’t executed. After the first spin class (with some nudging from Kimberly), I ended up doing a half-hour core class. My abs are pretty weak and they got a pretty nice workout.

When I was in Hawaii, Chrissie Wellington told us that she trains 24 hours a day. Only two to four hours are workouts, but the rest of the hours are spent eating the right food, sleeping the right amount and relaxing with her feet up. While my eating habits need a lot of help, I did take a 2-hour nap this afternoon (and told myself that it is part of my training)!

In the evening (with some nudging from Binita), I went back to Lifetime Fitness for a quick 45-minute run. The gym was quite empty.

San Juan Weather on March 17 (Ironman 70.3)

This time next Sunday, I will (hopefully) be an Ironman 70.3 athlete. Less than 8 days to go! As you can see, the forecast in San Juan calls for partly cloudy skies, temperatures in the 80s, humidity in the 60s and winds of 15MPH. Ouch!

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