Mountain to Fountain 15k

Last year, I ran the Mountain to Fountain 15k race in Fountain Hills in 1:07. It’s a mostly downhill race with a couple of steep uphills. The race is organized by the Banditos, one of the elite running groups in Phoenix. A lot of the elite athletes from Flagstaff, AZ, Boulder, CO and Albuquerque, NM show up. Today was no exception.

I wasn’t running the race today, but went there with Kimberly to do some hills, speedwork and cheer friends.  We parked about a mile from the race route and jogged over to the 10k mile marker before doing some hill work. Kim is fast; I couldn’t keep up with her, but I tried. After 5 hill repeats, the leaders showed up. Soon after, Kim friend Andres showed up. Apparently he had bonked after 5 miles but was still doing 7-minute-miles. Kim and I ran with him for half-a-mile before I fell behind. He’s fast (and young). Cool guy! We saw Emma too who finished the race in 1:09. She’s cool too.

In the afternoon, I went to Lifetime Fitness for Yoga. I wanted to detox my muscles before the Puerto Rico 70.3. It was a tough class, but the stretches (especially hamstrings) will help me next week (I hope).

Less than a week to go now. My nervousness grows as the race gets closer…

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