6 days and counting

Less than 6 days to go now. I’m excited and nervous. Early on Thursday morning, we take off to San Juan. I keep visualizing the starting line. It’s a wave start. I’ll be in a light blue cap. At exactly 7:04AM, I’ll be off. Throughout the race, I have to think of conserving energy for the run. Go easy; let people pass you on the swim and bike. It’ll be windy on the bike. Get in aero and stay in aero for as long as possible. Make sure your cadence is high, your heart-rate is at level 2. Eat and drink adequately. It’ll be hot and humid on the run. Concentrate on your cadence; take it easy for the first few miles; go easy on uphills; lean forward; save it for the last 5k. It gives me butterflies thinking about it…

I swam about 2,000 meters with Kimberly today. I may have pushed her a bit hard (ladders). It was my last swim workout before the race. I’ll probably take an easy swim in Condado lagoon (where the race swim will take place) the day before the race.

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