2 days to go for the San Juan 70.3

Thank god I got some sleep last night. Of the almost 11 hours I was in bed, I slept hard for at least 8. I feel rested and refreshed.

Once you step outside the hotel room, the spirit of Ironman is alive and well. Most people are speaking Spanish, but you hear some European and S. American (mainly Portuguese) too. Spanish is a pretty darned sexy language; I wish I could speak and understand it. I understand maybe 10% of what is being said!

I picked up my bib number and dropped $300+ in miscellaneous Ironman gear shopping. Standing in line with me was a pro (Andrea Hutchins from Michigan) who qualified for Kona back in 2010. I always enjoy talking to pros; Andrea was humble and I had to pull out the fact that she was a pro!

Anyway, I was somewhat skeptical about how well I had put together my bike. I took it in and sure enough there was a minor fix required to the head. The pedals, seat-post and gears were good and the bike is ready to rock.

At the expo, I spent some time at the Slime booth. I am quite impressed with their product. They make  this gel that you can inject into any tube and it will self-fix a flat tire. I know, it sounds too good to be true, but I saw a demo and it was like magic. They also make tubes that already have slime gel in it!

In the afternoon, I went for a quick 4-mile run in the sunshine. It was hot and humid and I ran a small portion of the run course. There is nothing flat about it. It is a series of undulating hillss. I also found out that the swim-to-bike transition has a quarter-mile jog; not the most desirable setup! Welcome to the world of Ironmen and women. Nothing comes easy!

Iguana on the grass at Hilton Caribe

All in all, the sculpted bodies are quite inspiring. It is mostly the men’s bodies that have the perfect abs! And their bikes are quite beautiful too. But then, I was most impressed with this gorgeous iguana sunning itself in the grass outside the Hilton Caribe!

Tomorrow, I will swim in the lagoon and go for a quick bike ride before doing an early dinner and getting some rest. The carbo-load has begun. I had some creamy pasta for lunch and am about to go downstairs to an Italian restaurant!

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