Another Rest Day | Proof of Heaven

Half the day today was spent travelling. The other half was spent mostly at work. I had half-a-mind of going out for a bike-spin or a swim, but instead walked my dogs. Simi turned 12 yesterday. She has slowed down just a bit but is a mostly happy and healthy dog. Both my dogs are, and I am thankful for it. Needless to say, I love them to death!

On the flight back from Charlotte today, I read a book (thank you, Kim) called “Proof of Heaven.” Binita read it while in Puerto Rico and enjoyed it. I have been a skeptic about the presence of God and spirituality for as long as I can remember. If science doesn’t prove it, it must not be true. Lately though, I have become more open to alternative theories. I joke with Binita and some of my friends that I an going through Manopause (intentionally misspelled)!

Since my little brain can only process what we experience in the third dimension, anything beyond what we can comprehend is almost impossible to prove. The book talks about consciousness without a brain. The concept is hard to grasp; but if you accept it, it opens up a wealth of possibilities. Of course, the skeptic in me still wants to minimize these theories, but the believer in me wants to believe. Unfortunately, for now, the skeptic wins out! Binita tells me that I need to evolve some more. I am open to it…

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