Sunday run and yoga

A bunch of us got together this morning at Granada to run. Instead of running with headphones, I now like to run with a companion and make light conversation. Today, I ran with Stephanie (she is new to the group) for 7 miles and we talked about nothing important; just this and that. It was a smooth run that included the Biltmore loop and lasted just over an hour. Of course, this was followed by breakfast at LGO.

Kim and Andres did the half-marathon (XTerra) out on the west side today. They both ranked in the top-10 in their respective genders. Ya, both are F…A…S…T!

In the evening I went for yoga with Gwen at Lifetime Fitness. Somehow, the hour went by really quickly! It was a pretty routine class.

My bike has a slow leak in the rear tire. I am lazy in fixing it, but better do it before Tuesday!

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