Yellow Flowers are in Bloom

March 15 to May 15 is my favorite time of year in Scottsdale. All flowers start blooming and the landscape is transformed into a carpet of yellows, purples and greens. This year is exceptional because the rains have been plentiful in January and February. With near perfect temperatures and the sweet smell of blossoms,  biking and running are all the more enjoyable.

I ran for an hour around DC Ranch this evening and was loving life. Slightly overcast skies made for a cool evening and bright flowers were everywhere. The yellows are especially striking in my neighborhood. If you are a treadmill runner, I highly recommend running outdoors during this gorgeous time of year in the Phoenix area.

I’m going biking early in the morning with Kristi tomorrow (I fixed my flat at a bike shop today). I’ll take my iPhone with me and take a couple of pictures of the gorgeous yellows.

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