Zoot Ultra OVWA shoes rock

There’s a tri store that has opened up called Destination Kona. I have become friends with the owners Brooke and John. They are super-cool. Yesterday they had a Zoot demo in the evening where I picked up these pair of shoes at a pretty hefty discount.

Zoot Ultra OVWA Shoes

I ran for the first time in them on the treadmill and they ROCK. They fit snugly, are stable and feel nice and cushioned under my feet. Plus they have asymmetrical lacing, come built-in with speed laces and are very very comfortable.

In the afternoon I swam about a mile at Lifetime Fitness. The entire pool (other than the coaching lanes) had familiar faces. Shelly, Mark, Will, Garey and Cindy were all there and it was GREAT to see them!

Late evening was somewhat of a bust. We went out to dinner at this decent restaurant in Tempe called La Bocca followed by a really lame stand-up comedy show. Do I look like someone who likes to go to comedy clubs at 9PM?

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