Featured in Cannondale Tours Brochure

Kristi, Brett and Caty came over and we started the bike ride at around 9AM from my house. Somehow, I wasn’t feeling social today and rode ahead of them for most of the ride. We went up Happy Valley to Jomax and back for only 20 miles. It was a nice overcast day with perfect temperature. The cacti are in full bloom with brilliant pinks, purples and yellows. It should have been an enjoyable ride, but it wasn’t. Maybe it was because my allergies are bothering my eyes.

I continue to struggle with my internal dialogue as my search for more meaning to life continues. I have started reading a book on the history of religion and how it is woven into the human fabric. Lately, I seem to have a lot more time on my hands. I have become somewhat disinterested in work. I’m glad I have my training to keep me occupied. I had this dream about SUP (it is an acronym). Someday, I will blog about it; but for now, only my good friends know about it.

In the afternoon I went for a quick swim at Lifetime Fitness. The outdoor pool was nearly empty. I swam only 1,100 meters.

Cannondale Tours Brochure

The new Cannondale Tours brochure showed up in the mail yesterday. To my surprise, a picture from my Hawaii trip back in October is in there! I am second from the left (wearing the BikeWorks jersey) in the picture.

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