6th Boston Marathon

I ran today with a couple of Shelly’s friends, Madelyn and Sunny visiting from Kentucky and California respectively. They are absolutely wild and a ton of fun. The F-bomb was flying (and admittedly  it was a bit contagious). I am totally impressed with Madelyn’s running achievements; she is running the Boston Marathon for the 6th time in a couple of weeks. Ya, that’s not a typo; 6th Boston. She has also done an Ironman (Louisville) in 12:20. Impressive! Sunny is a runner too and just finished a 50k run.

At Granada Park > L to R > Sunny, Madelyn, me

We ran for just short of 10 miles at a relatively brisk pace of about 8:30 per mile. It was a slightly warm but gorgeous day; quite perfect for running. Of course, we ended up at LGO after running.

In the past couple of months, when I run with someone I don’t run with headphones anymore. This I learned from a good friend running in the desert behind Lifetime Fitness. I read somewhere in a magazine about running with versus without music. Apparently, when you run enough, running IS music.

In the afternoon, I went to the gym for yoga only to find out that there is no yoga today because of Easter. Fortunately, I ran into Will and ended up at Whole Foods for about an hour.

In the evening, Binita and I saw Lincoln (the movie). I’m not sure what all the rave reviews are about; I found the movie slow and drab and somewhat melodramatic. I guess I am a harsh critic of entertainment.

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