Flower Ganesha decorated by Sanjana and Maithili

It was a pretty tough workout day today.

It was hot and sunny, and somehow I got the notion of running outside in the dusty desert. In the 5 miles I ran, I saw only 2 people out; one guy on a mountain bike and one guy jogging. I ended up enjoying the hot run (but not as much as I enjoy running with good friends while holding an easy conversation).

After the run I was to meet Kristi at the pool at Lifetime Fitness. She was late. Mark and Kim also showed up. We all did our own routines. I did about 2,000 meters with eight 50-meter sprints. Exhausting! Just as I was leaving, Colleen showed up. She is coolness!

Sanjana (left) and Maithili (right) decorating Ganesha

I’m not sure if I have blogged about Visamo Kids Foundation in Ahmedabad, India (my hometown). My mother is on the Visamo board and routinely volunteers there. Last weekend, she had all 84 kids over to my house in Ahmedabad (my brother and I own some joint property) for an evening dinner party. Pictured here are my two nieces decorating the home entrance with flowers. You can see that they are forming a Ganesha (the elephant head god or the god of beginnings) image. Nice, right?

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