Up and Down 9-mile Hill

Tough, hilly ride in Fountain Hills

Kristin organized a Team KLAR ride today in Fountain Hills. It was a tough, hilly route circling the fountain before going half-way up 9-mile hill for a total of about 45 miles. We were up for the challenge. Since Kristi is back up to full strength, she raised the stakes and wanted to go all the way up 9-mile hill for a total of 57 miles. Three of us (me, Kristi, Eric) ended up doing the full 57-mile route. It is the toughest, hilliest 57-mile ride I have done. As you can see, it was a hilly yet brisk ride averaging 16.5 MPH. Needless to say, my glutes are toast!

I wanted to go to Yoga at 4PM, but napped in the afternoon instead. Good call.

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