Haboob, Ed, Colleen, Eric, Angela, Kristi, Shelly, Scorpion Killer

I had this excellent plan of swimming from 5PM for 45 minutes with Shelly followed by spinning for an hour at 6PM. Unfortunately, Phoenix experienced its first mini-Haboob yesterday and the outdoor pool was filthy (and probably closed). Hence the indoor pool was super-crowded with 3 lanes occupied by kids coaching (yes, annoying). Change of plans!

I quickly changed into running gear and ran into Ed upstairs at Lifetime Fitness. By the time I started running, it was already 5:30PM. I ran for a mere 20 minutes, quickly changed into my spin gear and headed to spin where I ran into Colleen (her spin bike was right next to mine). Love her smile!
The spin class felt harder than it should have (I am probably still feeling the effects of the long bike-ride on Sunday). As I left class, I ran into Angela who was also in spin class. Love her spirit! As I went back into the locker room, I ran into Eric (who has signed up for the Cottonwood 100+50 bike-ride in mid-May). Love his attitude!
Right after Lifetime, Kristi and I grabbed a quick bite to eat at Blue Agave Mexican Cantina. Binita was at a provider meeting; and I was back home before she got home to feed the puppies.
Earlier in the week, we saw our first scorpion of the season. There is an empty lot across the street from our house that is now staked out because they are getting ready to build. I’m sure scorpion activity will be on the rise with the advent of summer compounded by new housing activity! Welcome to North Scottsdale. Fortunately, Missy (aka scorpion killer) is superb at spotting and pouncing and killing scorpions! 

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