Delicate Darling

After my excellent race yesterday, I decided to take it easy today. My stomach is reeling from the effort yesterday and I did not sleep well at all last night. Binita would call me “delicate darling” – I guess the shoe fits; after all it was only a 5k; how hard could it be?

Missy with Cone Collar

In the afternoon, I did go for an easy 1000 meter swim at Lifetime Fitness. Erin Densham (who I blogged about a few days back) was swimming; she is training for the ITU world championships on the 20th of April in San Diego. After the light swim, I went for yoga upstairs.

Missy and Simi had to go under general anesthesia today to clean their teeth and have a couple of benign moles removed. Poor Missy has to wear a funny cone collar that she is very uncomfortable with. Simi has to wear one too, but she is behaving without licking.

Tomorrow is the Boston Marathon. I will be rooting for Maddy!

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