Easy runs are not so easy, hard runs are harder

After sending Bill my Firefly 5k PR Garmin data, he revised my levels and speeds. Apparently, I am getting faster (about freaking time). From now on, my easy runs are not so easy and my hard runs are harder.

Today, I ran on the treadmill for 55 minutes for a bit more than 7 miles. It felt smooth. After a quick shower, I went to my first official St. Jude committee meeting for the 5k walk to be held on Nov 23, 2013. My job is to raise sponsorship dollars. The goal is $40k and I am already up to $8k (plus a tentative commitment of another $7.5k).

While stretching a few minutes back, I kinked my lower left back just a bit. I am scheduled for a ride with Kristi early tomorrow morning but may not go.

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