Does working out sprout new brain cells?

Team KLAR had a 60-mile bike ride planned in Fountain Hills this morning. I wanted to do about half that (although my official schedule calls for a 4-hour ride). I ended up doing about 32 miles at a pretty brisk pace mostly with Mark and Eric. The three of us are about the same speed. Mark is faster on flats, Eric is faster on downhills and I am faster on uphills.

At 4PM, I went for yoga at Lifetime Fitness. It was a pretty full class because Gwen (my yoga instructor) is very popular; and for good reason too. She gives me a sense of calmness on Sunday afternoons. Sometimes she corrects my yoga pose and her touch has magic. Yes, I love Gwen!

I have made a few connections with a few new friends over the past few months. Some of you read these posts; and I just want to thank you for making me a better person. I am more aware of “coincidences” around me, my feelings, my thoughts and ultimately my actions. In my quest to becoming a better athlete, I am also becoming a more aware person. Maybe all this working out is sprouting new brain cells; or maybe my soul is evolving. Either way, I’m happier than I have been for a long long time.

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