Planning an India trip in June

After a tiring day-and-a-half in Nashville with very little sleep, I slept like a log last night and woke up refreshed. It was a gorgeous day in Arizona and I was revving to go for a run all day. Ali, Caty and I met up at the Lifetime Fitness parking lot at around 5:45PM and we ran for around 5 miles. I ran the first 3 miles at a really easy 10-minute-per-mile pace and the last 2 miles at a brisk sub-8-minute-per-mile pace.

I am making plans to visit India in the first couple of weeks of June. Training will probably come to a screeching halt (although I hope to swim and run while in India). I’m trying to convince Kristi and Will to come along. I hope they do! Unfortunately, Binita may not join me :(.

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