Delhi, Agra, Ahmedabad and Ranthambhore

Kristi and I met up in the early morning at the Lifetime Fitness parking lot and went for a quick 17-mile ride. We went out through the Princess, North on Hayden, East on Thompson Peak, up the hill on Bell Road and down through Westworld. Unfortunately, there was construction on the roads at Westworld with wet, muddy pavement. Our bikes were pretty grimy by the time we were finished.

Thanks for the shake at Whole Foods Kristi!

Ranthambhore Tiger

Our plans to India are materializing. I already have an Indian Visa, but Will and Kristi need one. The dates are not yet confirmed but it looks like the first two weeks of June. Delhi, Agra, Ahmedabad and Ranthambhore are on the list for now (subject to change of course).

No, I did not take that picture; it is a random image from the Internet (although I have some great video of a Tiger chasing a Sambhar at Ranthambhore).

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