Shouldn’t a first aid kit contain tweezers?

I had organized a group run today on the greenbelt at 92nd and Shea. When I woke up, I really did not want to go; hence I made up an excuse (ya, that’s the truth folks; if any of my run group buddies are reading this, I simply didn’t want to run this morning)!

I went to Lifetime Fitness instead around 2:30PM for an hour-long run on the treadmill. There was nothing special about run except at the end of the run, as I was removing my headphones, the flange came off and was stuck in my ear. Thankfully, Binita was with me and was able to pry it out using the locker room key. Note to Lifetime Fitness: make sure you add tweezers to your first aid kit!

We picked up some Thai food and had a lovely, therapeutic evening at the Whoopie Babes’ place.

Tomorrow, I expect to ride around 70 miles with team KLAR. The route calls for a really tough climb up South Mountain.

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