Roadrash, sore calf, dogs and India

My elbow roadrash has scabbed, but my calf muscles are still sore. I lasered them this morning and again this afternoon, but it hurts to walk. I wore compression socks all day too.

I swam a quick 1,000 meters at Lifetime Fitness this evening. I got at around 5:50ish and started swimming laps. Shelly showed up around 6PM. She wanted to do 2,000 meters; hence I hardly talked to her for a few minutes. I also ran into Kim on my way out and stopped to say hello.

Simi and Missy finally get their stitches off tomorrow. They haven’t been walked in over a week. I feel bad that they haven’t been outside, but we were afraid of infecting their wounds from surgery. I’m sure we will be walking them often in the next coming days.

Will and Kristi’s Indian visa application went out to the Indian Embassy today. Plans are coming together nicely. Delhi, Agra, Ahmedabad and Ranthambhore are still in play!

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