Note to Colleen: Need More Coaching :)

I met up with Shelly at Lifetime Fitness to swim about 2,400 meters today. It was nice to see Colleen there, but she was leaving as we were getting in. It’s been a while since Colleen has coached me. I really enjoy her giving me pointers; I’m quite sure it has helped me shave off about a minute of time for every mile-long swim.

After a bit more than two weeks, we can finally walk our dogs. Their stitches have healed completely and they are free to roll around in the grass. Of course, their breath stinks but they couldn’t care less!

Will and Kristi’s visas have been approved. I will book our flights and reserve hotels in the next day or so! I’m pretty sure we will fly Asiana Airlines. They are one of the few 5-star airlines (according to SKYTRAX).

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