Long runs on a treadmill builds character

I was up early today but lazed around at home doing this and that. What I should have done was get motivated and run outdoors. Unfortunately, by the time I got motivation, it was too hot!

I ended up at Lifetime Fitness for a 90-minute run on the treadmill. Can there be anything more boring? In spite of the boredom, it was a pretty decent run (11.5 miles) and I felt pretty good throughout the run. I remember how Chrissie Wellington describes in her book that she used to do an entire Marathon on a treadmill in the basement with no music and blank walls. It builds character!

Binita and I picked up some Greek food (Daphne’s) and ate dinner at home. Usually, that place is pretty good but today, it was not-so-much. We saw an EXCELLENT movie by Mira Nair called “The Reluctant Fundamentalist” – I highly recommend seeing it of you get a chance!

I bought tickets to India for the 3 of us (Kristi, Will, me). We leave on the 29th of May for a couple of weeks. We will fly Asiana Airlines trans-Pacific through South Korea. Excitement is building…

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